The Rest of the News

The Rest of the News

Conservative Group Meeting Videos

Our Conservative Group Meeting (CGM) Videos include various topics from government corruption to immigration to the pro-life issue and more! Some of them we or others have posted online. You can watch those for free there.

We also have others available on DVD. Just contact us!

1 - District of Corruption

2 - Phyllis Schlafly

3 - The Project

4 - Bishop E. W. Jackson

5 - Days of Elijah

6 - Muslim Brotherhood

7 - Slavery, Terrorism and Islam

8- One Nation Under God

9 - Indoctrination

10 - Curtis Bowers Speaks in Church

11 - CD of Classic Hymns performed by Robert Caughron
       Click HERE for lyrics

12 - The Creature from Jekyll Island

13 - Kitty Werthman

14 - Major General Carl Black (retired)

15 - Restore America

16 - Gingrich: Rediscovering God in America
Retired - please go to for more information

17 - CD of Dr. Martin Fox

17. b. Dr. Marty: ObamaCare's War on the Right to Life

Please check back soon 

18 - AFA Conference, Rediscovering God in America
       Please check back soon

19 - Rabbi Cahn and Dr. Ben Carson

20 - Alin Neamtu
       Please check back soon

21 - Sick and Sicker, When the Government Becomes Your Doctor
       (Trailer below, please click HERE to go to the website to purchase the full DVD)

22 - Gianna Jessen, Abortion Attempt Survivor

23 - Norma McCorvey, 'Jane Roe' of Roe vs. Wade

24 - Melissa Ohden, Abortion Attempt Survivor

25 - Common Core Education Curriculum

25. b. Common Core - David Barton on The Blaze
Please check back soon
25. c. Common Core - Repeal Common Core
Please check back soon
25. d. Common Core - Dangers and Threats
Please click HERE to purchase the DVD

25. e. Common Core - Steve Shreeve speaks at NKY Tea Party meeting
Please check back soon 

26 - Evidence Against Evolution and Consequences of Evolution
       Not available online. 

27 - Four Power Questions to Ask an Evolutionist
Please click HERE to purchase the DVD

28 - Gun Rights
Please check back soon 

29 - They Come to America II
Please click HERE to purchase the DVD

30 - Islamic Conquest Past & Present
Please click HERE to purchase the DVD

31 - Agenda-Grinding America Down
Please click HERE to purchase the DVD

32 - a. Is this Administration Anti-Israel, Anti-Christian and more?
       b. America's Most Anti Christian President in History
Please check back soon 

33. Tim Barton on The Rest of the News
Please check back soon

34. Tax Invasion by ACLJ
Click HERE to watch the full video. 

35. Veterans Reclaim WW II Memorial During 2013 Government Shutdown
Please check back soon

36. ObamaCare Rollout
Please check back soon

38. The Determinators 

 Please check back soon for more videos.

74. Sisters For Life 2016
(video link below is to part 3 of that DVD)

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